The Blue Bells School | Activities




Date Important Days & Festivals Activities and Competitions
06th April Founder’s Day Founder’s Day Celebration
13th April Baisakhi Baisakhi Celebration
14th April Ambedkar Jayanti -
18th April World Heritage Day -
21st April - Earth Day Assembly Presentation (III-V)
22nd April Earth Day -
23rd April World Book Day and English Language Day -
28th April International Dance Day -
29th April - Labour Day Celebration
1st May International Labour’s Day Labour Day Assembly (III-V)
7th May Rabindra Nath Jayanti -
9th May - Rabindra Nath Jayanti Assembly (III-V)
12th May - Mothers’ Day Celebration Assembly (III-V)
14th May Mother’s Day -
15th May International Day of family -
20th May – 2nd July - Summer Break (III – V)
1st July Doctor’s Day -
1st July- 7th July Van Mahotsav -
3rd July - School reopens after Summer Break (III-V)
7th July - Van Mahotsav Assembly Presentation (III-V)
1st August Friendship Day Assembly on Friendship Day-Friends Forever (III-V)
14th August - Independence Day Assembly (III-V)
15th August Independence Day -
29th August National Sports Day -
30th August Raksha Bandhan -
5th September Teacher’s Day Teacher’s Day Assembly
7th September Janmashtami -
8th September Literacy Day World Literacy Day Assembly
14th September Hindi Diwas -
21st September World Peace day -
22nd September - World Rivers Day Assembly
29th September - Assembly Presentation Gandhi Jayanti And Shashtri Jayanti (III-V)
30th September - Grand Parents Day Celebration
2nd October Gandhi Jayanti And Shashtri Jayanti -
16th September World Food Day -
20th October - Dussehra Celebration
24th October Dussehra -
10th November - Diwali Celebration
12th November Diwali -
14th November Children’s Day -
24th November Guru Nanak Jayanti Assembly
27th November Guru Nanak Jayanti -
1st December National Pollution Day -
22nd December - Assembly Presentation It’s Christmas Time (IIIV)
25th December Christmas -
30th December – 14th January Winter Break (III to V)
13th January Lohri -
15th January - School Reopens after Winter Break (III –V)
25th January - Republic Day Celebration & Sports Day (III-V)
26th January Republic Day -
30th January Martyrs’ Day -
10th February - Academic Carnival (III-V)
14th January Basant Panchami -
28th January National Science Day National Science Day Assembly Presentation
2nd March Annual Day (III - V) -
8th March Mahashivratri -
25th March Holi -