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Evolving Education Trends

The best teachers are those who can help students take ownership of their learning.

The world is evolving fast and the changes are occurring at break-neck speed in the field of education. The Blue Bells School, Sector 50, Gurugram, believes that change is essential for keeping pace with the time and wants to focus more on student development than simple knowledge delivery.

As revolutionary changes occur, educators and institutes are obliged to show agility and adapt with the times. The Blue Bells School, Sector 50, Gurugram‘s teaching pedagogy , class environment, exam pattern, these all are regularly updated for students’ benefit. Here are some of the trends that are creating waves in the education sector-

1. Tech-savvy education

The advent of technology, over the past two decades, has entered the education sector in a big way. Computers and the use of the internet for learning have changed how students can not only access information, but even educate themselves. The unprecedented times have allowed us to reflect and come to a realization that to evolve with the ever-changing world, and get the better of challenging times we have to be flexible in everything we do.


The Blue Bells School | Evolving Education Trends


2. The new normal- Remote Education

When Corona threw our lives upside down, the entire world faced a challenge of using time productively in the confines of their homes. Throughout the globe, the education sector worked overtime to transform themselves into a technology driven corporation to educate children online. The Blue Bells School, Sector 50, Gurugram is proud to be a school where students, teachers and parents worked in tandem, during the pandemic, to achieve a feat which became very successful and rewarding.

The growth of technological capabilities coupled with the use of a variety of learning-support tools helped students receive a high-quality education online and is still continuing successfully. The online platform forced teachers to change how they teach. 

Many teachers found it challenging to comprehend how they would approach lesson plans to ensure that the students remain engaged even while they wouldn’t see the instructor in person. With time, schools started full fledged off line and teachers got flexibility in using various platforms and tools to make their teaching more effective.


The Blue Bells School | Evolving Education Trends


3. Inclusive Classrooms and Curriculum

Inclusivity is another trend where special education modules are now no longer limited to only special schools, but even regular schools are adopting inclusive learning facilities so that students living with disabilities can learn alongside others. 

Owing to the rapid development in Information Technology, blended learning has become more acceptable. STEM education is a part of the The Blue Bells School, Sector 50, Gurugram curriculum where hands-on experience of various disciplines are incorporated for better understanding.

Teachers have become facilitators who encourage students to interact more and work in groups for development of softer skills. The students also complained of decreasing attention spans and long screen time for the students. The Blue Bells School, Sector 50, Gurugram has fixed time slots according to recommendations given by CBSE and incorporated light activities for the comfort of students.


The Blue Bells School | Evolving Education Trends


The new trends are here to stay and inclusivity, diversity and equity are going to be key pillars of education moving forward. As Educators and related stakeholders, we should concentrate our efforts on providing a safe space for every student to learn.

Thankfully the pandemic has gone but the lessons learnt and experience gained has been invaluable. It has evolved the mindset and work culture in the education industry, for which The Blue Bells School, Sector 50, Gurugram always vouches for, that strives to make our students’ lives better!