The Blue Bells School | How to help introvert child gain confidence

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How to help introvert child gain confidence

“Deep rivers run quiet.”

Children are a gift of God. The well-being of our child is of primary importance to every parent. Many a time we see our children not behaving the way we wish to see them behave. In today’s fast-paced world we always want our child to be a front-runner. You wish to see him adjust and adapt to the dynamic environment. At times we feel that their behavior is not according to our expectations.

Remember children are not tailor-made. They have their own idiosyncrasies. We, at The Blue Bells School for Integrated learning, celebrate uniqueness.

Let us keep the following aspects in mind while dealing with children who are considered introverted

The Blue Bells School | How to help introvert child gain confidence


1 Accept and embrace

The basic mantra of dealing with a child, who is withdrawn, is to accept him as he is. It is a well-studied personality trait with 50% genetic causation. It is nobody’s fault and is not a disorder. A child should not suffer for something which is not wrong. We give personalized attention to each child at our kindergarten School in Gurgaon to make them feel that they are all important to us.

2 Social interactions -A must for all

An introvert child needs a gentle nudge and not a hard thrust. The child, who does not wish to socialize, feels anxious and remains restrained. He should not be forced to express himself in any social gathering. Give him time, spend time with him but he should never be made to feel awkward. It has been proven that our personality traits change over time. The Blue Bells School for Integrated learning in Gurgaon rather focuses on the positive traits of introvert children. They are very good listeners, take mental notes and respect others.

The Blue Bells School | How to help introvert child gain confidence

3 Lend a helping hand

A child, who is reluctant to interact, gets uncomfortable and scared in every new situation. It is therefore the primary duty of parents and teachers to support him, give assurance and assistance from time to time. Spending time with them is the biggest gift a parent can give to a child. Many times we need to use external stimulation to help them open up in any given situation. If possible, fill the calendar with social engagements and indulge in discussions to boost their morale. Take them out often but always respect their personal space.

4 Let him catch the fish

Introvert children are thoughtful. We need not hold their hand every time. We should give confidence to them and let them take their own decisions. Once they learn the art of being independent it will give them confidence and make them shine out. The Blue Bells School for Integrated learning caters to all these essential aspects while dealing with their kids.

The Blue Bells School | How to help introvert child gain confidence

5 Caution is a must

Never undermine the intelligence of an introvert child. World great personalities like Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, J K Rowling, Harrison Ford……. the list is very long, were all introvert individuals. Never use any negative or harsh words toward them. You must remember that you might be nurturing some great being of the future.

The introverted young ones need our love, care, understanding, encouragement, and faith. They are sharp enough to carve their own world themselves.