The Blue Bells School | Stage Fear in Kids: Symptoms & how to overcome it

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Stage Fear in Kids: Symptoms & how to overcome it

Remember the time when , as a child you were called on the stage or in any gathering, asked to speak or do something in front of an audience. 

What did you experience then?  

I am sure you must have felt your legs shaking, hands beyond your control, heart beating at an accelerated speed. Words failing to tumble out of the mouth and throat going dry. Stage fright is normal.

The Blue Bells School | Stage Fear in Kids: Symptoms & how to overcome it

Hello friends,  the earlier we accept this fact the better we can tackle this problem.The Blue Bells School,Sector 50, Gurgaon stands tall providing ample opportunities to all the students to perform on the platform regularly. Standing on a stage and feeling confident is cultivated in our students from a very young age. Various opportunities are made available in the classrooms, assemblies, house meetings, cultural shows, inter house and intra house competitions at different levels.

The teachers at The Blue Bells School, Gurgaon , our educators , schools activity incharge  are instructed to encourage all students to participate. The students are given freedom to perform at their pace. Mistakes, forgetfulness, getting scared, are just stepping stones to gain confidence in the longer run.

We are replete with opportunities in Performing Arts, Dramatics, Debate club, Quiz clubs, open house and several other School functions and societies where work is done cohesively to provide a platform to the students in the areas of their interest.

The Blue Bells School | Stage Fear in Kids: Symptoms & how to overcome it

It is said that Public Speaking is a skill which is inborn. But this art can also be cultivated. There are many examples. Our political scenario is full of such examples where leaders honed their speaking skills to change the tide of people in their favor. Our language teachers regularly encourage the children to speak on simple topics. They help them gain confidence and learn the art of articulation. The one who speaks well can think well.

A confident child is a successful youth of tomorrow. It plays a key role in shaping his personality and mindset.Parents should also encourage their children to participate in various activities.

The children must practice a lot to gain confidence. They should be made to believe in themselves.  The children must be made aware that even if they fail, it is alright to try again.

Teach children to practice ways to calm and relax their mind and body, such as deep breathing, relaxation exercises, yoga, and meditation. Exercises ,eating well, and practicing other healthy lifestyle habits can help students perform well. Parents should try to limit caffeine, sugar etc to concentrate.

The Blue Bells School | Stage Fear in Kids: Symptoms & how to overcome it

 Parents must encourage children by being a role model for them. Let your child watch and learn .Try to create a positive feedback loop to boost his morale.Use visualization to give more learning opportunities to the child.Use affirmations and positive reinforcement for a child’s better performance.Keep calm and let your child also be assured that you stand by him in all situations.