The Blue Bells School | Why are libraries important for kids?

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Why are libraries important for kids?

The Blue Bells School | Why are libraries important for kids?

A Storehouse of information -Library 

A good school always boasts about its magnificent libraries, stocked with thousands of books, catering to all age groups containing various genres for all kinds of students.

The Blue Bells School for Integrated Learning Gurgaon proclaims with pride that we have two big libraries and also class libraries, where we try to encourage students to develop reading as a hobby from the initial years.

The Blue Bells School for Integrated Learning Gurgaon believes that books are the first window for any kid to the outer world which holds wonder and surprises. Books are indeed their best friend. Give the child a book and you give him a dream. The ideal place, to know and get books, is a Library.


The Blue Bells School | Why are libraries important for kids?


Libraries are the major source of information for children in schools. 

The books, stored on the shelves of libraries, are the source of wisdom and knowledge. They are like a storehouse of information for inquisitive minds.

The school library is an important hub of school life. It provides an opportunity to check out books for a better understanding of any subject and enhance general awareness.

It offers a place to study in a serene and quiet environment to flip through a magazine. In fact, it helps in developing a habit to sit and concentrate in that silent zone and understanding to acquire knowledge. Today’s libraries have extended their reach to technological resources. Many offer access to the ubiquitous internet, adding to your knowledge at the click of a button. The Blue Bells School for Integrated Learning Gurgaon keeps updating its resources from time to time. Change is accepted so audibles, for some titles, are available in our library.

Libraries are replete with a variety which helps children to get introduced to different kinds of books and of various authors.


The Blue Bells School | Why are libraries important for kids?


The library is very important for a child as it can bring in a lot of change in a child. The books take the children to a different realm and enrich them. The library helps a student to hone his latent talent.

Our children live in a fast-paced world with a tremendous explosion of knowledge. As a result textbooks are no longer sufficient to provide in-depth knowledge. The benefit of a library for students is that it provides them with supplementary material- a requisite for writing Project papers and conducting research work. It builds his confidence and helps in teaching him patience and teamwork.

School libraries open a world of wisdom for students. Apart from academic research books, libraries also house academic magazines and periodicals. Reading such material keeps students abreast with the latest developments across the globe.


The Blue Bells School | Why are libraries important for kids?


A school library facilitates diverse life skills, thereby enhancing personal development in young children. It promotes curiosity, innovation, and critical thinking. Libraries inculcate desirable study habits in students. A library is truly integral to the teaching and learning processes. It enhances students’ interest in subjects and widens their horizons.

An inspiring Librarian can be of exceptional assistance. Our librarians and assistants have thorough insight and help cater to the needs of specific students. She guides the students in the right direction and helps them identify the most appropriate resource for their requirements.

Libraries are the rooms where most of us have built our success stories and made valuable friends. So It welcomes people connecting readers to their peers. People to interact with and brainstorm! Such lively discussions help students broaden the horizons of their social circle and cognitive ability.


The Blue Bells School | Why are libraries important for kids?


When it comes to vocabulary enhancement, the solidarity of grammar, and grasp of the language- the only answer is reading and more reading. A school library plays a key role in developing literacy and the pleasure of reading. It is the perfect place for thinking and learning.

No one can deny the unparalleled contribution of school libraries to the intellectual life of a student. School libraries are believed to contribute in rich and diverse ways, all aiming at the improvement of a child’s comprehension, communication, and overall personality.